Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Isabelle won't sleep without... The Gro Company #Review

Isabelle won't sleep at night now unless she's in her Gro bag, so obviously now that makes the gro bag part of our bedtime routine and she loves it. I used gro bags with Oliver too but not from such a young age. Isabelle weighs only 12lb and when we started using the gro bag she was under 10lb which originally made me think she wasn't allowed to use it, thats before I realised it has poppers underneath the arms to make it fit smaller babies snugly! Fantastic idea.

We were sent the gorgeous girly print 'Bunny & Brolly' design in 0-6 months which is 1.0 tog making it ideal for the hotter nights, like I mentioned before the 0-6 month size includes under arm poppers making it suitable for newborn (8lb 8oz) up to 6 months. It's also available in 6-18 months and 18-36 months and comes in two togs - 2.5tog and 1.0tog. Fully machine and tumble dryer suitable making it parent friendly - I like things that can be washed and dried quickly because sometimes yes I forget to do things first thing in the morning. It washes up lovely and Isabelle adores her bag. It's the next step up from being swaddled. And the different togs available make it a suitable option all year round.

This design retails for £29.99. I love that you get a free room thermometer and safe sleep info, telling you what little one should wear to bed in what weather! something that usually confuses me.

Remember The Gro company sell other products too, the gro clock is one of our favourites which we got from John Lewis and they have swaddles, comforters and bedding to name a few.
Please note that this item was sent to us for the purpose of the review but all of the opinions are my own.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Keep Britain Breastfeeding: Expressing

I love expressing milk now, why? Because it's the only way I can actually see 'how much' I'm getting out! Recently we found out that Isabelle is dairy intolerant, which explains why she hasn't gained much weight since birth, why she had dark green poos, lots of wind and blood in her nappies. The hospital have given me special formula milk to 'top up' her feeds if I want to, to top up her feeds but if I can I'd much prefer to make more milk. The doctor offered me a anti-sickness pill which one of it's side effects is to cause breastfeeding mothers to produce more breast milk - sounds great but I didn't really want to take another pill... Her sensitive tummy doesn't need anything else right now so instead I started expressing and over the last 2 weeks I can tell the difference of when I express and when I don't. 

Firstly let me tell you about the breastpump I'm using now, I absolutely love it! Even the nursery nurse who comes to weigh Isabelle was impressed at how silent it is. It's the Ardo calypso double electric - at first I was a bit wary of electric breast pumps due to using a 'well known' branded one before which hurt me and sounded like 'clunk clunk' but I am so thankful I've had the chance to try this Ardo one, it's not hurt me at all - I think thats due to it fitting me correctly and having different settings for cycle and vaccum, making it ideal to match whatever stage my baby is currently at. Now due to Isabelle being dairy intolerant I have cut out all dairy from my diet so I can continue to breastfeed her because thats what I really want and due to her not gaining much weight I spent a week where I was eating more as they suggested and pumping to see how much I had... in that week Isabelle gained 7oz!! Our biggest ever, usually it was 1 or 2oz but this was amazing. Then we got ill with colds and the steriliser that I had been using to sterilise the pump broke - no more pumping for a while and eating less due to feeling so poorly and she only gained 4 and half oz so the expressing really helped us and now we've got a temp microwave steriliser I'm going to be expressing again, eating and drinking more to make sure we have a good weight gain next week. 

Why I love the Ardo Calypso double breastpump?
Well firstly and most importantly because it doesnt hurt me. This is the only breastpump I've had that you can choose which breast shell fits your breast correctly, included in the box is a few different sizes and breast shell inserts too meaning you get the right fit just for you unlike another brand I've used which had one size and it clearly was not correct for me because it left me in a lot of pain.  It's a fantastic idea to include different sizes because no two women are the same so why provide just one size? Also this Ardo one is fantastic because unlike the other pumps I've had this one lets you pick what speed of pumping you want with 'vaccum' and 'cycle' buttons. I start off with lots of cycle - more sucking with gentle vaccum then I slowly even it out until the vaccum lasts longer without hurting me, you can see whatever works for your body. Theres 64 different combination of settings possible for you to decide from!

I love the fact this pump is so quiet, meaning I can actually express while Isabelle is asleep in the same room as me without waking her up, the other pump I've used would not allow this because it was just too noisy. You can either use it with the mains adapter provided or you can use batteries which is great because it enables you to pump wherever you are comfortable.
Closed system - I had no idea what they meant by this to begin with so I thought I'd copy what Wikipedia says:
'A closed collection system has a barrier or diaphragm that separates the pump tubing from the horn. In this design, the suction of the pump motor lifts the diaphragm to create a vacuum within the collection system to extract milk. An open system allows for the free passage of air/suction.'

'When an open collection system is used, the pump’s suction can cause milk to overflow it into the collection system tubing, which may lead to milk particles being drawn into the pump motor.'
And thinking back, the other one wasn't a closed system so this breastpump is actually much more hygienic which is very important, especially when its something used to feed your baby. It's also BPA free.

I also love that expressing means others can feed Isabelle too, Daddy & Oliver both loved it.

I've found that when I've used this breastpump I've made alot more milk and after a few times using it I noticed that my milk was coming out faster. I love that having double breastpump means I can do both at the same time, meaning I'm sat here for half the time. Ocassionally I have expressed one boob while she feeds on the other and she didn't mind at all, it was so quiet she didn't get bothered by it at all. I feel more confident using this breastpump selecting the settings that are right for me and knowing the vacuum seal is protecting my milk from possibly being contaiminated. The ON/OFF button is easy to use - it's actually important to be able to get it on/off easily.

Inside the box what you will find:
Calypso Breastpump
Breast shells - 26mm & 31mm 
Shell insert - 28mm
Optiflow 26mm
Cleaning brush
Bottle stand
Mains adapter
So if like me, you've tried a manual pump and hated it or tried a 'well known' branded electric pump and didn't get on with that then I can assure you, you will be very impressed with this Ardo one. It's really helped me and I'm amazed at it helping Isabelle gain 7oz in one week, it's our biggest ever gain and I know it's to do with the extra pumping so thank you Ardo Medical for gifting us this lovely pump!

Mary-Kate, x

please note that even though this Ardo breastpump was given to me to review, all of the opinions are my own, I genuinely cannot fault this item! I love it.
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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Baby box company #review

If you're looking for a new baby present then I've found something perfect, how about a box of little presents which are all useful from The Baby Box Company

Recently I was sent a box to review and I really thought it was lovely. Some boxes like these are often a waste of money but The Baby Box Company actually offer good value for money and boxes look really great too, packaged like a present so you don't need to wrap it as well. 
Ok I know what you're thinking... rewind, who are the baby box company? Its a baby gift company set up when Christine & Chloe - a moher and daughter team from Leicestershire noticed after the birth of Harry (son/grandson) there was a gap in the market for modern yet reasonable priced gifts to send to new mums and every box they pack lovingly by hand just as they would like to recieve it! 
I was excited about getting this box as I had seen some great items on their website but obviously, I didn't know which of those items I would be sent and actually I was delighted with the things I found inside my box for Isabelle. Actually, one of which I have used almost every day since! (the swaddle)

Inside I found:

A lovely Toby Tiger organic cotton romper suit in really bright colours.

Aden + anais swaddle with bird print, large and so many different uses.  

Lamaze fish toy, bright little toy ideal for small hands. Different colours and textures all over.

Blue bandana bib ideal for the dribbles!

The box is unisex. 
So if you're looking for a gift for a new mum you know, then have a look at The Baby Box Company... trust me I'm a new mum myself and I know what good for 'new mums', what we will actually use!

They offer a range of different boxes and different costs which you can find - here

They start at £15 and go up to £100, you can even create your own.

please note that this box was gifted to us by the Baby Box company but all of the views are our own.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Keep Britain Breastfeeding: Support is essential

The right support really can change everything about breastfeeding, I know that without Michael I wouldn't have survived the first few days or when the health visitor first visited me at day 14 and accused me of 'Not feeding my baby enough' (Michael returned home to me in floods of tears) or when we found out Isabelle was dairy intolerant and others told me to put her onto formula as her weight gain wasn't enough she was born at 8lb 6oz and at 13 weeks old she is 10lb 7oz so yes she is slow at gaining weight and she has dropped 4 on her chart BUT like Michael reminds me, she's otherwise healthy and developing lovely, smiling and happy and to remember I had an emergency c-section under general, I had retained products, I've not had it easy and then she was dairy intolerant, to remember that for the week dairy was completely cut out of my diet she put on 7oz so it wasn't that I wasn't feeding her enough and it isn't that my milk isn't 'good enough', it is simply that she was reacting to the cows milk protein thats why she hadn't gained.
So Michael who was stood by me pushing me back up, passing the tissues and providing the cuddles I am very greatful and so is Isabelle because she's tried special formula from the doctors once and she HATED it. If she could speak like Oliver she would call it 'yucky'. Michael even made Isabelle's first feed possible after I had my c-section as I was in so much pain he helped me get her into the right position.

Our top tips for your partner to support you in early days of breastfeeding:

  1. Reassure them newborns don't need much milk, they've tiny tummies and your boobs know what to do! When you need more, they'll make more... very clever things they are.
  2. Remind them that it takes time to master the latching, some babies get it sooner than others and some need a little bit of help for a while. Isabelle now goes straight to my boob no adjusting required. 
  3. Be there with cuddles and tissues when 'baby blues' attack!
  4. Recommend massaging/ hand expressing sore engorged breasts to release a little milk when they are sore.
  5. Try to get her to rest when baby sleeps in those early days but don't nag her, maybe sometimes she just wants five minutes to herself 
  6. Don't be afraid to say no to visitors - we didnt have any for ages other than grandparents.
  7. Provide drinks and tasty treats 
  8. Stick up for her if others say anything about changing to formula
  9. Let her have privacy from guests - I always used my snoob.
  10. Remember it's natural but isn't always easy to begin with even if its your second, third or fourth baby!
I've not yet experienced anything negative while out breastfeeding and I am thankful that everyone seems to have been supportive so far, even the man in morrisons who put our trolley in a locker when Isabelle just needed feeding straight away in the middle of the food shop. She actually done her first smile that day that I caught the end of on camera...
We did have one really hard evening with Isabelle, I think it was her second night at home when she was just over tired and wouldn't latch on to my boob to suck - she wanted to milk and she wanted it straight away so Michael went off to his parents house with the breastpump we had at the time because it needed to be sterilised along with a bottle but one problem - we didn't own a microwave! (We do now) When he returned I expressed a little and fed it to Isabelle, she was so hungry and it was finished in seconds. So while her eyes were closed I quickly moved her onto my breast and she didn't even notice a different and happily had the rest of her feed from me. That evening while Michael was at his parents I did talk to someone from the NCT breastfeeding helpline which was very helpful, they did actually stay on the phone to me for a while and suggest things I could try to get her to take milk from me. I've also heard of the La Leche League helpline too but haven't used it personally. It's fantastic these things are out there though.

I have attended breastfeeding support at the childrens centre and I was the only one who went so I had about an hour just to chat with a trained breastfeeding advisor who was very helpful and reasurred me I was doing all the right things. She gave me lots of leaflets to take away and read and whenever I have any questions I either pop in or I give her a call.

There is a breastfeeding cafe group for breastfeeding mothers to meet up and I keep meaning to attend, I think it would be great to go off out for a coffee (or dairy free tea, hehe) with another breastfeeding mother and share tips/advice, maybe that group would be ideal for people worried about feeding while out.. I just use my snoob, my baby needs to be fed then shes being fed and if someone doesn't like that then they can move away from me, as far as I see it I'm not doing anything wrong and no boobs are ever on show by me because I don't want them to be.

I did get one stupid comment while combined feeding Oliver... "Why breastfeed? It's disgusting, what do you think they made SMA for?" I was fairly shy then and I didn't reply but nearly 5 years later (omg is Oliver nearly 5??) I would give her such a reply she wouldn't know what to do.

If you are struggling and need support you can contact La Leche or Nct and I'm no expert but if you want I'm always a blog comment away or you can tweet me @mummymemories

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Keep Britain Breastfeeding: a few of my fav breastfeeding products!

Today I'm doing two posts for Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger hunt, why? Because I wanted to share my top tips for breastfeeding in my first post which you can find here but as well as this I wanted to share with you my favourite breastfeeding products which have made breastfeeding easier for me because I'd like to help other new/expecting mothers to find breastfeeding easier... obviously you don't need any of these items, all you need is your boobs! But I'd like to suggest what items have made a difference so far for me for different reasons.

First of all I'm going to tell you about this amazing breastpump from Ardo it's called the Calypso Double Plus Electric breastpump and oh my goodness I love it. Having used two other breast pumps I can really compare this one and know how much better it is. It wasn't a brand I'd heard of before reviewing it which will be coming soon - I wanted to use it for a while so I could give it a proper review but I just want to tell you how good it actually is, it's the only breast pump that hasn't hurt me at all, (Isabelle hasn't hurt my nipples at all and always had a very good latch, I know I'm lucky because with Oliver it was the opposite but the other electric breastpump I used was the only time my nipples have been so sore since having Isabelle that I needed to use cream on them but this breastpump is so gentle it hasn't caused me a single bit of pain - can you tell I love it?) it comes with various different sized shells meaning you can choose one that fits you correctly. It's super silent - I mean super silent! It's a closed system and very hygenic. It's also mains or battery operated which is great allowing you to change and not have to sit next to the plug. My review will be coming soon, so if you are looking for a breast pump and would like to know more about this one make sure you check back.

Second is a product that has really helped me to breastfeed in public, it is an obvious fav of mine and I own it in 4 colours - I literally wear it every day and don't leave the house with out one. I don't think theres anything wrong with breastfeeding in public without covering yourself, I'm just not 'brave' enough to and would prefer to be covered. I'm talking about the brilliant idea that is the Snoob breastfeeding scarf.
I started wearing a grey one that Michael got me for my birthday when I was heavily pregnant so there's nothing stopping you wearing it as a normal scarf after you've finished breastfeeding. While you are breastfeeding it's ideal to cover yourself & your baby as much or as little as you like. I have had people look at me before, probably wondering what I'm doing... then they realise and quickly look away.

From the day we got home, I have been using this breastfeeding pillow from Thrupenny Bits 
I absolutely love it, it's a gorgeous print and looks different to other 'normal' feeding cushions but most importantly it is an ideal height to get baby up from your lap to your breast. This really helped me after having my c-section because my tummy was so tender to touch and it helped me continue to feed Isabelle without her laying directly on my tummy and also I know it makes me sound whimpy because shes still only 10lb but when I'm holding her without support of a pillow it actually makes my arm ache. Now shes a litle bit bigger - only 3 months still, she loves to sit up and nose around at the world so I often let her sit up next to me using the pillow as support so we can have a little chat. I love that the outer is removable so you can clean it.
Nursing lingerie that fits correctly - a total must for me! I need to be comfortable or I go into adult tantrum meltdown, not even embarrassed to admit that so I know I'd need good comfortable nursing bras and I've been so lucky to be able to try various brands. When I had Oliver I had Mothercare and M&S... my top tip for you regarding nursing bras would be to avoid M&S, they measured me as 36c when actually I was a 36E... big difference! Mothercare however, I still like, they measured me correctly and have some reasonable priced bras however I wanted something a bit prettier than what they were able to offer and I have got a great little selection. My most comfortable ones so far are from Hotmilk  Cake Lingerie and Bravado and the only underwired nursing bra I have which I love is from Bella Materna. You can get a great range of nursing lingerie from Boobie Milk and if you've any questions then I'm sure Karen will be very happy to help you.

And finally another item that I've mentioned already this week but I love it so much, it's really helped me so far...
Lansinoh Therapearl 3 in 1 breast therapy can be used hot or cold and for me they encourage let down, whenever Isabelle needs a feed and I don't feel 'full' or like I've got anything there then these really help to get my boobs full. I pop them into the microwave (in a purple cover included) then put them inside my bra while I bath Isabelle and get her ready for bed then once shes ready for a feed I feel full. John Lewis have them for £9.59 I literally couldn't manage without these now. Sometimes I put them around the breastpump when I'm pumping! Maybe I'm obsessed with them? and ofcourse I love the breastpads that are ultra thin by Lansinoh.

Finally as a top breastfeeding product - my nursing chair, ofcourse it doesnt need to be a 'nursing rocking chair' it just needs to be somewhere that is comfortable for you to sit and feed baby. I feel Isabelle feeds better in the nursing chair because I am comfortable and relaxed.

I could literally go on and on about breastfeeding products but the above have been my most helpful to date, I'd love to know what breastfeeding products have helped you ?

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Keep Britain Breastfeeding: Top breastfeeding tips

Top breastfeeding tips!
Considering I'm still fairly new to breastfeeding (13 weeks) I don't know if I'm experienced enough to offer you lots of breastfeeding tips but I wanted to share with you what has really helped me so far so, as a newbie because thats where we all start isn't it? I hope that it can help other expecting and new mums who want to breastfeed their babies. 
If you didn't breastfeed your first baby - that doesn't mean you can't breastfeed your second! I'm proof of that!
After having Oliver I gave up breastfeeding exclusively because I thought he was hungry. At 24 hours old all he done was cry and I took that as I wasn't making enough milk for him and he needed more... So I asked my mum, ok cried for her to get me some SMA and after that I combined until - fairly quickly, I gave up breastfeeding all together. This time I was more determined to be successful with breastfeeding Isabelle so when I was pregnant I looked into it alot so my first tip for you is to research, google, attend groups for pregnant ladies looking to breastfeed (I didn't but have heard they're great), ask any questions you have even if you think they're silly - if the answer is going to help you breastfeed then it's not a silly question. We were actually lucky enough to go to a Mummy & Little Me pregnancy retreat, which meant we got to talk in person to Alison Brown who is an expert midwife with many years experience all about breastfeeding and afterwards they sent us a magazine which was packed full of useful information.
My second breastfeeding tip is to pack helpful breastfeeding items in your hospital bag to help you in those early days of breastfeeding. I ended up having an emergency c-section and was in for 2 nights but I could of ended up being in for longer so it's good to have those items there with you because when your milk comes in your boobs go hard and I don't know about anyone else but I couldn't stop crying!! So in hospital I was helped by an extra pillow (Michael brought this in after birth when I asked him to), breastfeeding nighties and sleep bra. Also breast pads, my favorite ones are by lansinoh I found the others itchy but these are really thin and don't irritate me. As well as breastpads I also had Medela Hydrogel pads which saved me from alot of tears, they instantly made my boobs less sore when my milk had come in... I was so upset when I dropped one on the floor! You can actually get a little Medela breast care set which includes, breast pads, cream and hydrogel pads which is ideal for taking to hospital with you.

Also don't be too shy to ask a midwife or assistant to see if you're latched on properly, luckily Isabelle never had a problem with latching on but Oliver did and my nipples were so sore!

Once you're home my tips for breastfeeding would be 
  • somewhere comfortable to feed, it really does make the difference. I'm lucky as I have a rocking nursing chair and footstool, it's amazing and comfortable for those long feeds.
  • ask for help - when you feel like you need help don't be afraid to ask for it. Breastfeeding support workers are great and the NCT helpline is fantastic to offer you support in those early days or infact any day when you're struggling and want some tips. You're not alone is sometimes all you need to know!
  • suitable clothing - I love my nursing clothes, it's really easy to breast feed discreetly. If you don't want to buy nursing clothes or you cant afford to change your wardrobe - I can't fit into my pre pregnancy clothes yet anyway so I would of had to get new ones, might as well of been nursing but if you can fit into your normal clothes or you dont want to spend lots then I suggest you look into breastvest - its a fantastic idea, you can wear it under normal tops and when you lift your top up, your tummy is still covered. 
  • Nursing cover - if you're shy, it's a good idea to think about how you will feel comfortable feeding your baby while out. I think it's great if you're confident enough to just get your boob out and start feeding infront of whoever, wherever! But having said that, I'm not that confident and like to stay covered I used a Snoob breastfeeding scarf and no one even knows its a breastfeeding accessorie! I love it. 
  • regular feeding - it will encourage your body to make more milk and be prepared for newborn cluster feeding. I literally felt like I was feeding all day long non stop and with Oliver I didn't realise that was actually normal and wouldn't last forever - that's why I think it's really important to know a little bit before you start breastfeeding so you don't just give up assuming the wrong thing.
  • breast pump - I've tried three now and the best has to be Ardo Medical Calypso double electric breast pump, it's not as noisy as others and because it's double it saves so much time being able to do both breasts at the same time. It is actually the only breast pump that hasn't hurt me and the fact its nearly silent means I can do it while Isabelle is asleep in the same room.
  • skin to skin - at difficult times I made sure we had some skin to skin, really feel like that helped when we were struggling.
  • Breastfeeding pillow - Especially after having a c-section, I couldn't cope with baby on my tummy so having a pillow to lay her on and bring her to the correct height is a 'tear saver' for me. I love my one from Thrupenny bits.
I found it helpful to encourage 'let down' I use these Lansinoh Therapearl 3in1 breast therapy they're great, I pop them in the microwave and then insert inside my bra, shortly after my boobs feel hard and I'm ready to feed Isabelle. I have noticed that if I have a warm shower, my boobs get really full of milk. Relax your shoulders down and stop being tense when feeding also helps.

Thrupenny Bits nursing pillow
Finally, invest in some comfortable nursing bras! Very important to feel comfortable and to feed easily, Boobie Milk offer a great range of bras from fantastic brands including Hotmilk & Bravado! Both of which I own and are really comfortable and I'm delighted to be able to offer you a chance to win £10 to spend at Boobie Milk via the rafflecopter entry form below! A few of my favourite items available at Boobie Milk... 

bravado bodysilk seamless

eclipse bra by Hotmilk

luminous bra by Hotmilk

Good luck, x

p.s. Make sure you look out for my second post later - I've got a top breastfeeding products one too as I've found lots of little things useful and thought I'd share with you.

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Keep Britain Breastfeeding: The benefits of breastfeeding

This year I am very excited to be part of Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt which is from today (20th June) until 26th June! As you may already know, I'm a mum of two but I didn't manage to 'master' breastfeeding Oliver so I combined for a while but not long at all, so this time I decided I wanted to give it my really best try - I know that I gave up too soon with Oliver but I was determined to educate myself and give it my best shot with breastfeeding Isabelle and it's the one of the best choices I've made. She's now 13 weeks and we both love breastfeeding - it hasn't been 'easy' though, as I always say... 
 'It might be natural - doesn't mean it's always easy!'
The benefits of breastfeeding
I've always known that 'breast is best' but I won't lie to you - I didn't actually know reasons why? So when I was pregnant with Isabelle, already knowing after not breastfeeding Oliver exclusively that it was something I'd like to achieve with her. Therefore I spent alot of time looking into it, I read magazines and even watched a dvd all about it. I got some great tips and I feel like the researching while I was pregnant really helped me get this far. I love knowing the benefits of breastfeeding and if you're very early in your pregnancy don't let that put you off looking into breastfeeding, I say the earlier you start thinking about feeding your baby - the better!

I am so determined to breast feed Isabelle that I've given up chocolate to do so! (We've just found out that she is dairy intolerant, so I've cut dairy out of my diet completely so that I can still breastfeed her without upsetting her tummy, it was pretty scary she had terrible green nappies with blood in them, it wasn't until she was 11 weeks old that we found out it was dairy causing her symptoms and she has been slow at gaining weight which at times made me feel like it was my breast milk - now I know it wasn't. She was born at 8lb 6oz and at 13 weeks shes 10lb 7oz).

Me & Isabelle after a feed

So how is breast best? Well this is something I did know - it's the only natural food designed just for your baby, all by yourself! It's on tap hehe, so wherever you are and no matter what time it is you can feed your baby when they need it.
It's free so you don't need to buy tins of formula milk and theres no need to heat it up, it comes out of you the right temperature! I love the bond that we have, Isabelle knows I am the one that provides the milk and she often comes off my boob to look up at me and smile then goes back on again... I love that! Breast milk also protects your baby from infections such as ear/chest and makes them less likely to suffer with diarrhoea/vomiting - when Oliver was 4 months old he ended up in hospital with this so to me thats a really big deal. It was horrible to watch so anything I can do to avoid that happening again I will do.
Breastfed babies are also less likely to be constipated - this was another big thing for Oliver and it is so horrible to watch little people in pain due to being constipated, they just don't understand so I love that Isabelle is less likely to suffer with that. 

Also less chance that she will have eczema - another thing Oliver has suffered with... can you see a trend here? I wish that I had of known more about breastfeeding and had the right support when Oliver was a baby to see if I could of breastfed him too.

Breast milk naturally adapts to your babies current needs! no need to change anything :) with Oliver I needed to change the forumla milk from stage 1 to stage 2 and so on... There's also less waste, I remember throwing away lots of bottles with Oliver that he just didn't finish in time - breast milk is obviously safely stored in your boobs!!
As you can see breast milk offers great benefits and health benefits for baby but did you know it also offers health benefits for mum too? Yep... Lower chance that a breastfeeding mother will develop breast or ovarian cancer. The C word scares me alot so this to me this is a big deal, as I'm sure it is to everyone else. Also when breastfeeding you burn up to 500 calories a day - that's good for me because I seem to be eating alot more. As well as these, there will be that strong bond between you and baby - like I mentioned above, although I have a strong bond with Oliver too and he wasn't exclusively breastfed but I absolutely love my snuggly times with Isabelle and when she's on my boob, comes off and looks up to me to smile is lovely. I guess I also like that I am the feeder!
What I have noticed is that exclusively breastfeeding your baby can mean your monthly periods are slower to return after having your baby! Result? Not to mention, breast milk is free and you don't need to remember to take bottles out with you or to make sure anything is sterilised. 

Finally this might be a silly benefit but its my benefit - breastfeeding can be hands free which means during one feed in the day I can do my online food shopping! :) haha never thought I'd be delighted to be doing boring online food shopping but I am. 

Remember whatever breastmilk you can give to your baby - it will protect them, so if you only do the first feed or the first day like I did with Oliver and they get the colostrum they're still getting goodness from you. The longer you are able to breastfeed them the longer they will be protected!

Now you can enter the massive giveaway!  Good luck, x 

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